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Spiritual Formation

on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 15:33

So what's up with Spiritual Formation?  What is this, anyway?  Brainwashing?
As a body of faith, it is appropriate that on occasion we offer people the opportunity to grow spiritually and explore their connection with Spirit, God, the Divine.
Care of Mind, Care of Spirit, Gerald G. May has written, “Spiritual formation is a rather general term referring to all attempts, means, instruction, and disciplines intended towards deepening of faith and furtherance of spiritual growth.

Worship and Ministry Committee is sponsoring this program with the SEYM program being adapted to reduce the amount of reading.

 There are several groups that meet at different times, so you can find one to fit your schedule! 
Groups are planned for:  a
 weekday afternoon, Sunday before worship, Sunday evening,  and Thurs. evening. We also have a group at John Knox Village (Orange City) meeting Tuesday after 7:00 pm or Sat. AM. 
The Spiritual Formation groups 
are open to both members and attenders, and we would like a few more participants. We will meet monthly for 6 months, and most likely will not meet until January, to allow participants to get started with a spiritual practice and to read a couple of chapters before the first group meeting.
Books have been ordered (about $18), and a few will be available to borrow from W&M, so don't delay because of this cost! Please contact Jerry soon if interested because groups will close when filled - you can't "catch up" later!.


The primary goal of this program is to deepen one’s relationship with God, Spirit, Light, Higher Self or whatever terminology you prefer. This deepening is achieved by: reading devotionally, individual spiritual practice, deep listening and spiritual community.   We will walk the spiritual path in small groups of about five participants. Groups will meet monthly for six times from Nov. 2015 to May 2016.

  1. Everyone agrees to attend the six group meetings.
  2. Everyone agrees to develop or continue a daily spiritual practice for the duration of the program.
  3. Everyone agrees to read the material before each meeting. We will be reading Patricia Loring’s Listening Spirituality Volume 1 Personal Spiritual Practices among Friends. The book is 190 pages and we will read about 33 pages/month.  The book costs about $18.00—but don’t let this cost deter you. If cost is an issue we will find a way to get you a book at no charge.
  4. Everyone agrees to listen deeply to other members of the group and to keep all sharing confidential.

Format for Group Meetings

  1. Centering. Starting on time, settle into worship for about 15 min.
  2. Brief Check In.  Worship share succinctly on “what is happening in my life?”
  3. Worship Sharing on Your Experience of Your Daily Spiritual Practice. Worship share on “How have I experienced my daily Spiritual Practice?”
  4. Worship Sharing on the readings. Worship share on the readings for the month using the query, “What touched me most deeply in the readings?”
  5. Closing.  The group returns to the silence that has surrounded the meeting throughout and centers into a period of worship. [1]

If you want more information see:
SIGN UP FOR A GROUP by emailing Jerry Knutson at

[1] This information has been abbreviated and reading list shortened from the SEYM Spiritual Formation Program.