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New to the Quaker way of attending to Business? This will help!

on Thu, 01/14/2016 - 16:56

Quaker Process in Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

In the consideration of business, Friends seek the sense of the meeting, a spiritual process of corporate discernment in the Light. Pursuit of the sense of the meeting as we try to reach a decision requires us to exercise openness, sensitivity, and tenderness to one another.  Quaker process fosters wisdom and a spirit of forbearance and love.

Friends are called upon to:

  • Begin with centering worship.
  • Listen to all messages with openness, receive them in worship, and allow for silence between them.
  • Respond to the heart of the message, not to the messenger.
  • Wait for recognition from the clerk before speaking.
  • Speak, as standard practice, to the clerk, not to individual Friends.
  • Speak only once to a given issue unless it is clear that more is appropriate; then allow all present to speak before seeking to speak a second time.
  • Avoid interrupting or engaging in side conversations.
  • Take time to consult with your Inward Teacher before speaking.
  • Avoid inappropriate emotional attachment to one's own opinion.
  • Consider introducing potentially contentious ideas and expressing deep convictions by means of queries rather than statements.
  • Call for silence (anyone can do this) to re-center in a spirit of worship.
  • Defer a decision if there is not clearness.
  • Trust the process to work and leave the outcome to Spirit.
  • Close with centering worship.