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FGC Election Support Letter

on Mon, 11/02/2020 - 03:05
  • Dear Friends,


    Gracia Valliant of Bloomington Meeting, Ohio Valley YM (FGC) and Lynn Zeleski and Kathleen Umphress of Central City Meeting, Great Plains YM (FUM) prepared a minute asking that Friends prayerfully hold the US election process in God’s love and Light. 


    The Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee of Friends General Conference are in unity with their concern and hope that you also will join your hearts to it:

    Historically, Friends have advocated for social justice and peaceful change in our democratic republic. We ask Friends, across this nation and in our world family, to join us as we hold in the Light U.S. citizens as they engage in the election process in all states and territories to cast their votes for the leadership in our local, state, and federal governments by November 3, 2020, to count and report those votes securely, and participate in the Electoral College process. We also ask Friends to hold in the Light residents who are barred from voting but will be affected by this election.


    In Friendship,                                                    

     Ann Riggs                                                                   Dorothy Walizer

     Co-Clerks, Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee of FGC