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Conversation to Explore October 22, 2020


We are continuing our "Conversation to Explore" as a monthly Zoom event each fourth Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Our facilitator for October 22, 2020 is Ray. Our topic is Quakers and the "Police Question." Click HERE to see the outline of Ray's conversation. 

Ideas heard during the Conversation:

1: direct money to other agencies dealing with social concerns
2: redefine problem as one of public safety rather than a police problem
3: still keeping funds in public safety
4: understand and expect union resistance yet persist
5: other names for change process than defund ex: reimagine, reform, re-fund, transform, restructure
6: change interface with community: police union actively research this
7: multidisciplinary team in car in a  response determined at time of dispatch. make sure right people are responding to the call.
8: transparency of funding, allocation of funds and resources related to wealth of area, examine effectiveness of this approach
9: examine which crimes are actively pursued, petty, white collar, etc
10: education and mental health in early life and resources for mental health in later life. re-establishment of caring institutions for homeless with Mental health and substance abuse issues
11: changing culture > changing law, deletions and additions of law and who is scrutinized and pursued
12: recruitment, hiring, and training practices that work against bias rather than reinforce bias.
13: work on issues of economic inequality to reduce the basis for “survival” crime
14: implement civilian review boards!
15: adding consequences such as “disbarment”/ decertification to tracked database of police not meeting standards
16: make it Federal
17: develop political will for measures such as Federal tracking of decertified officers
18: recognize that police do function as instruments of social control rather than public safety
19: recognize intentional use of violence for control
20: attention to votes such as state Supreme Court etc
21: call on the police to reestablish their relationship in communities of color
The link for the AFSC video is’s-time-to-defund-police
Thank you for participating and big thanks to Ray for facilitating our conversation.

If you are interested in facilitating a future Conversation to Explore please contact Minerva via We do have guidelines for Conversation to Explore. If you have not facilitated in the past, Minerva will share the guidelines with first-time facilitators.